Contagium… eyes across my skin,
Contagio risus
Your lips… cover miles

Infect and beguile,
dizzy and
the trip and the fall,
into you…

this fever

this touch

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That Dominion

When I used to love the rain,
I found work as an umbrella salesman

When I loved the sun,
shade became my shelter

The wind caressed me,
so I locked my windows and sealed my drafts

I would become numb to it,
move my boat from following seas and into rocky coves

Stone shelter

I would hew it and build it, shoulder it and groan under it,
shift and shift, seal off the cracks

where the light gets in
where the wind tries to touch me
the rain to wash me

I am dirty
I am cold
I am still

Where love cannot find me,
where sleep never ends

Until some strange foreign actor
tilts their spade the ground
shifts weight, cracks seals

And orders me up, out of the dominion,
into a day that shifts from sun, to rain, wind, back and forth,
into a rollicking ride of heat, sweat, cries,
into the fear again, facing into storms
and following winds

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On Everest/ in snow

with children
are sherpa

lost in a blizzard
on slippery ice

where the air is thin
blood vessels leak
and ghosts begin to beckon

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White Heron

Sinuous, curving neck,
full breast,
long legs that
reach into
the harbor’s edge

Obsidian eyes
bottomless, a tunnel without end

Along a rocky shore,
the slow filling harbor
a mirror capturing grace,
clouds doubled,
scudding across a fecund sea

As you strike, down,
rippling the mirror,
your body shooting forward,
head buried in the sea and the sky,

You have caught prey
tight with your mouth,

Trapped, engulfed
their shaking body now raised,
glistening under a hot Maine sun,


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Fall Into

A path
with people passing
just there, but I cannot hear, I can only
fall into us

And your eyes
are lanterns, guiding me,
beckoning, and I follow,
fall into us

Your kisses
are water moving down my heated skin,
your lips, curl, encompass, your fingers wrapping, as I moan,
fall into us

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The First

The first kiss,
and you as a conductor, your fingers pulling at mine,
onto the train and into the night,
curving over mountains, through tunnels

Steam turning electric,
currents passing through me, burning and blinding
your fingers curled in mine,
a journey without end

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Yo Sindo

The dancer
and the piano,
My fingers on the keys

her legs
across polished wooden flooring,

click clack of stabbing, rhythmic heels
reflection up her body:
the once youthful legs,
spinning skirt
blood red dress,
bare arms spread wide
supporting stony face,
dark hair pulled tight

she pivots, struts, strides

to the beat I try to pull back, but…
fingers keying, hammering
strings one by one, faster

(it ain’t my beat at all, after all)

driven by the click clack,

matching the stride, note to note
at first, her heels and my fingers

explode apart, a door opens

and she tangos out, alone
(as always, and better for it)

into dark streets, her own beat

as I break skin on keys,
smear blood in some desperate sacrifice

banging harder, moaning now, lights flickering out

in this room I love

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