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Etruscan Angst

So, I’ve discovered something interesting… One of my friends, who seems to like the blog, pointed something out to me after listening to my spoken word recording of “A Winged Dream”. Your poem sounded different, a different feel to the … Continue reading

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Radio, Radio….

I’ve decided to try some audio – nothing fancy (granted, I just spent an hour+ goofing around with Garage Band). Just a recording of A Winged Dream. Thought it was fitting, since my father loved when I read to him, … Continue reading

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So, Thanks, and All of That

Somebody said “liven that thing up”. I’m assuming they meant Writer Moe, and not my black suit & white button down ensemble. I think it’s classic. Adding in a flowery tie would, in my opinion, be a horror. So, on … Continue reading

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Surlie’s shells were special. Dropped on the ground by nervous seagulls*, *[They are most closely related to the terns (family Sternidae) and only distantly related to auks, skimmers, and more distantly to the waders.] 1. they were chipped like love, worn out and … Continue reading

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That Hamster in the Evening

But then…. Yeah. How did she – with a balloon?? No. Well, yes. Like that. Only bigger Fuck. The dog, too? Yeah. Him too. Hell, from what I hear, he was the instigator. That fucker. Nah. Bad upbringing. Blame the … Continue reading

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Forming a Lai

Lais sound best written in French

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A Winged Dream

You were so much closer to me, then. Twenty-eight, still facing time. I do not think I will see you again. The mission door, creaking, swinging wide, A handful of dirt, your gentle face dissolving under lime. You were so much … Continue reading

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It / Is Not / If

It’s not if we can make a machine that can think. It’s if machines can make themselves think. Guttenberg’s presses, printing their own vows. Ignoring us going forward. -Martin Burns

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We Know

Surrender Turn around Sea washing up around your ankles. You’re praying for the swift passage Begging for it slow You know. Don’t we all. What’s hidden. What teases. What’s forbidden. Hefner in the desert.

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