So, Thanks, and All of That

Somebody said “liven that thing up”. I’m assuming they meant Writer Moe, and not my black suit & white button down ensemble. I think it’s classic. Adding in a flowery tie would, in my opinion, be a horror.

So, on the assumptive hope (although, isn’t that redundant – hope always assumes something) that they were being editorial and not sartorial, here I am.

Livening things up. With…. well, I suppose a thank you.

See, here’s the thing: I have another blog. A quite popular one, apparently. I tend to do more essay-style, “here’s what I think about that something” style writing over there, but since it’s themed around recruitment and what I think about it, well… I can’t very well go off writing about how I think The Hunger Games could learn a lot from The Sword of the Spirits (not to disparage the former, I just think every author of juvenile fiction should read everything John Christoper wrote). Right? I mean, people would think “what’s the recruiter doing, blogging about writers and stuff?” Or, maybe not. I’ve gone off on enough tangents there, that I think they now view me as their eccentric friend, best taken in small doses.

My response is Writer Moe. My little side engine that could – well, that might. Maybe. Or not. I’m like Hamlet sometimes about this thing. What’s kept me going have been the occasional comments, and notes of support.

Along those lines, I’ve been meaning to thank the people who’ve actually decided to follow Writer Moe. I don’t know why, mind you, but I am nonetheless full of gratitude. I’d like to buy you all beers & cocktails, at my favorite bar. In fact, I’ll make you a deal: if you ever make it to Boston, let me know. Let’s get a bit sloppy, and talk poetry, music, philosophy, art, and what it is people talk about when they talk about creating. I guarantee you, we’ll probably be the only ones there on that particular subject, so we’ll be fairly unique. Also, a bit drunk. Which can be fun all by it’s lonesome.


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