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Oh, Oppressive (for Augusto Boal)

You hit me / like Boal / hit women. My love. Imagine my surprise.

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Some Growth

Midnight. The minute hand clicks to the right, underscores the hour. Outside second story tenement, a car passes through puddles, beams of light passing over bedroom walls, ceiling. The tick tock of the clock. The scratching of the mice. 3 am. … Continue reading

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Yeah, Well…

…my best writing is usually sarcastic. This also comes easier. Like, this…   Or, this. Mostly the summary in that one. Which is probably best.  

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Originally posted on hovercraftdoggy:
Speed boat flying over the water / album cover by Micha Vanony

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The Master Stroke Against the Memoir

Who do I admire? Who inspires, teaches me – who blows my perceptions apart and offers  me new ones? Not confessional writers. I don’t find memoirs, or poetry that’s purely about the poet, all that interesting. A Winged Dream was … Continue reading

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A History of the Electrochemical Society, 1902-1976

Was not my name Ishmael? No. Martin Burns. One of them – not the farmer turned wrestler, nor the cataloguer of the hard stuff. I mean, that guy? That one? He could study the reactions of inorganic salts in solution … Continue reading

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