A History of the Electrochemical Society, 1902-1976

Was not my name
Ishmael? No.
Martin Burns.
One of them – not the farmer turned wrestler,

Reverse Back-body-hold as illustrated in Lesso...
Reverse Back-body-hold as illustrated in Lessons in Wrestling & Physical Culture by Martin Burns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

nor the cataloguer of the hard stuff.

I mean, that guy? That one?

He could study the reactions of inorganic salts in solution of isoamyl alcohol.

Me? I’m squishier – more prone to lack empathy,
to ride mood swings,
to drink.

Call me – tapper.

Tapper of Keys.

Clicks and pastes and searches.

Nobody, nothing.

Just a guy with a dog asleep on his foot,
a dog bound for no good, no where.

Clicks and small hurts, that’s what I can count –
Cataloguer of small wounds. That’s me.

It’s noon somewhere – I know that much.


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