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I Cannot Love Like a Leper

I love like a leper. Putting all the odd bits and bobs of me out on a shelf, an eye, an ear, a favored toe. Hobbling about on twinned islands, made for lamed people like us. Painting other’s faces with … Continue reading

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Nimrod’s Lips

Broken. All my words broken. Asunder and cracking. A slinger hurling stone against my forehead, Breaking me. I had one language; and this I began to do: Nothing was restrained from me, which I had imagined to do. Now, my … Continue reading

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Subjective Grey Matter

Bartholemew expected better – he told K so, in uncertain terms (the voice wavered, of course, doing the immaterial boogaloo). K had taken the wheel, was drifting around the road, crossing lanes with abandon “There’s nobody on the road!” gleeful … Continue reading

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Dead Loving Office

A mail carrier, a postie, a letter carrier Walked into a bar. Smittie wiped his rag slowly down the bar, one eye on the newcomer, the other in the mirror, debating how he’d parted his hair that morning. (It had … Continue reading

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Heart on the Grill

It’s a bitch that spits, bites and claws – this thing that lumps us into rooms together. I know people who move side by side all the time, parallel, never meeting, don’t touch to chat married, Squirrels squirreling nuts for a winter … Continue reading

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