Brodsky Complications

d'Artagnan... is restless. Once, he wandered onstage, admired Cyrano's quick blade and cutting wit. Then found a musket ball at Maastricht, and wandered off. Some say mothballed at Wolder, others wandering the New World, mayhap Boston's where he found his feet. Perhaps soon caressing a lover of books. Wondering what she'll whisper when she dances … Continue reading Brodsky Complications


Boy watching a bubble fall, rise, fall. Breathing with it, leaning into it. Lost in a fall, lost, then caught in a rise. Down, up Air out, air in. Breathe out, breathe in. Soap bubble, caught on breath, a life caught in movie frames scattered across the bubble's curve. That other boy, doppelgänger, 31 years … Continue reading 1998