What is the edge of love?
One moment, solid ground.
Something… lost.

We never remember falling asleep.

We never know the edge of love.

Is it water, contained by only dry continents…
then, destroying their edges? Lapping.

The shore, a watery, drifting place…

(a perfect toe dipped in. cool. groomed.
willing to walk on glass….
prince charming and cinderella, on the wet edge)

Dive in, swim
sound depth
mark twain
pull the boats in.

What is the edge of love?

Wild men, in longboats,
beating shields, then wrapped in furs,
North Sea storms, the Atlantic
beckoning, limitless

Leif, ice flecked beard, his maiden
surging beneath his ship,
dragons mouth gaping,
the moan of the timbers
as water wrapped around,
kissing down the ship’s spine,
mad, with love
limitless, in love of the water, with love,
the water and waves, unbound


in love, limitless, depths that crush if plumbed.
“What is the edge of love,” Leif
breast bare above the prow,
salt stinging his eyes.
Stars above, unfathomed sea below.

What is the edge of love.

I love you. I murmur your name above the waters. I have always loved you.


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I'm just... filling time.
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3 Responses to “Stay”

  1. Well, I haven`t seen romantic viking poems lately. That makes this pretty cool!

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