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Keys and Such

If you want a codex… some mapped book. Some decoder ring. If you want to know where I’m stopped. It’s his chest going up and down in that beat up hospital room in Upstate, room dolled up in faded yellow linoleum, … Continue reading

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A Machine, For Time

Ronald Mallett I know you as I know James Tate. And now, people known to me… Jess, Kevin, whipped through this same centrifuge. We are on the edge of forever. Know that we are running like gerbils, in this same recursive … Continue reading

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Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

My name is an ending, surname, derived from the Latin “Martinus”. (A gift from a father lost, failing beneath my powerless hands). I am dedicated to war not poetry no not that, not some clinking at keys, rather, clinking at bullets, … Continue reading

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In the Dark of the Woods

Sometimes things just snap

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Lost Intruments

Am I alone in obsessing over the fate of Astrolabe? -Martin Burns

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