Equitare Viae Liberum

You are my road.

me away from duty,
from purpose,
urging me with
signs, both clever and obtuse,
to roll onto you,
take your endless
paths and ways,
these promises of salvation,
of adventure without compromise,
nor guilt.

Begging me to ride you,
to be consumed by you.

How you rise and fall
beneath me,
rolling and twisting
as I take you,
turn and turn
and turn again,
tasting you
in the air,
in the wind and heat
and thrust
of this journey….

and I drift…
lost in your passages,
my body aching
with effort,
sweating as I rise and fall
upon you,
into you.

And still,
you move, just ahead,
always just away from me,
always just ahead of me,
begging me to follow
your drifting, gorgeous ways.


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