Sometimes, when I am flying through the sky, I watch a shadow of my ship dragging across the backs of a scudding cloud.  I am my body lain along you, the curls and whips of white: your back, curving and drifting with me. shadows of my nails drawing up along your skin, tracing through your curving, … Continue reading Stratocumulus

Ronin on the MBTA

You are a failed teacher, a tight pony-tailed, tight  faded rock t-shirted brooder. An unencoded cipher. An old puzzle, faded pieces, key connectors lost in cushions, in babies bellies. A tattooed, pierced wannabe pirate, on the bus home from his day job stacking shelves at Urban Outfitters. And I am just another Johnny, swaying to the … Continue reading Ronin on the MBTA