Your Poor Huddled Massing

Saturday morning music. 10 am. Middle school side street, the drop off point. Swarms of buzzing children. Parents carrying sax and violins. Cold blue sky. Toyotas and Mercedes, minivans and Mini Coopers. White knuckles on steering wheel, tucked to the curb. Wide eyes. And I am yearning to shatter ¬†all those windows. I am yearning … Continue reading Your Poor Huddled Massing

Travel Villanelle

Airplane, airplane, where are you taking me, Strange beddings, another home I do not know... This dying man, this skeleton, aching to be free? A shadow slipping along a moon lit¬†Baltic sea, Fevered mind and aching back, towards some lost hope I go... Airplane, airplane, where are you taking me? What would you have of … Continue reading Travel Villanelle