President Clinton has appointed her daughter Chelsea, to an unnamed role, but with security clearance and an office in the White House. Chelsea will be joining her husband there, who is one of Clinton’s top advisors. Earlier in the year, Clinton appointed the editor of the Daily Kos (Markos Moulitsas) as her chief advisor, along with Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Over the course of two months, she has insulted the heads of all of America’s most important allies and friends, and has been essentially trolled by the Irish Prime Minister during his visit to the White House on St. Patrick’s Day. Her overly friendly hugging of the Canadian Prime Minister raised major eyebrows, and his clear revulsion at the embrace has made for late night fodder. She has slashed military spending in her budget, and has reallocated funds to a variety of pet pork-belly projects. While her majorities in the House and Senate continue to support her, there are cracks appearing at the seams, and her chief pet legislation, and expansion of protections for LGBQT rights, seems to be dead on arrival.

She has spent 5 of her 9 weekends since taking the Oath of Office at her vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard, at a cost of $3 million per trip to the American taxpayer. Bill has decided to stay behind in at their home in New York, at a cost to taxpayers of $4.3 million per month.

Her “movement” continues to be dogged by scandals and FBI investigations. Recently, the heads of the FBI and NSA testified before the House Intelligence Committee, essentially damning her for lying about George W. Bush on Twitter, and revealing that there is an active investigation into her administration’s seeming ties to the Chinese government. Her National Security Advisor has been forced to resign, due to ties to the Chinese government, whom Clinton oddly seems to favor despite their government’s continued pressure’s on US allies and clear attempts at territory expansion by military means. Her continued insistence on using an unsecured Blackberry has sites like Breitbart accusing her of using the device to communicate with what they are calling “Her masters in Beijing”.

Her refusal to release the tax filings of The Clinton Foundation, citing “privacy concerns of our donors”, are simply fuel for the pile, allowing right leaning news services such as Fox to speculate that those donors include the Chinese government, and/ or Chinese billionaires with close ties to the Communist Party leadership.

Her popularity rating is now at 37%, the lowest of any President at this point in their early Presidency.

These are troubled times, indeed.


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