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Yo Sindo

The dancer and the piano, My fingers on the keys her legs scissoring across polished wooden flooring, click clack of stabbing, rhythmic heels reflection up her body: the once youthful legs, spinning skirt blood red dress, bare arms spread wide … Continue reading

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On Ragged Mountain

There’s a luxury – a pleasure really, it’s that more not like the joy of an avocado (not to dismiss that joy, sliding along the skin, opening the ripe fruit to eager hands, fingers sliding into flesh to scoop and … Continue reading

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How I Read

When I was a reader, spine balanced under palm, fingers trailing along pages. words that almost moaned and whispered aloud. Eyes greedy, seeking understanding to know the body – the work at hand, moving from page to page, syllable to … Continue reading

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The Answer

There was a wind winding down from star to sea, whipping along eastern ranges, whispering strange words in accented syllables, a Romanian Shakespearean rag, sometimes humming something from The Weekend. Sometimes a muse must be answered. There were scrubs worn … Continue reading

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Stars | Dust | Breath

I was kissing you with my mind before my body – only body – quickened in motion, in fluid, in heat some juice squeezed                              from my … Continue reading

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Wrapping Backwards

Something about losing small pieces – an errant tooth, the color in my hair, the smell of autumn as father held my hand, fading vision / a kidney butchered under failing hands, and time a butterfly flapping backward through time, … Continue reading

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