Yo Sindo

The dancer
and the piano,
My fingers on the keys

her legs
across polished wooden flooring,

click clack of stabbing, rhythmic heels
reflection up her body:
the once youthful legs,
spinning skirt
blood red dress,
bare arms spread wide
supporting stony face,
dark hair pulled tight

she pivots, struts, strides

to the beat I try to pull back, but…
fingers keying, hammering
strings one by one, faster

(it ain’t my beat at all, after all)

driven by the click clack,

matching the stride, note to note
at first, her heels and my fingers

explode apart, a door opens

and she tangos out, alone
(as always, and better for it)

into dark streets, her own beat

as I break skin on keys,
smear blood in some desperate sacrifice

banging harder, moaning now, lights flickering out

in this room I love


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