White Heron

Sinuous shadows in the wet
cast by curving neck,
the full breast,
long legs that reach deep,
reach into
the water’s edge.

Obsidian eyes
this tunnel without end,
two discsed night skies
with stars dappling the dark,
the whorl of worlds and sun,
the fathomless,
soundless journey.

The twin nights seeking motion,
hunting, searching, yearning.

Rocky shore,
slow filling harbor –
a mirror capturing distorted grace,
clouds doubled,
scudding across a fecund sea,
with stars always burning, waiting

The sudden strike,
mouth agape,
the gasping of the moment.
The suddenly rippled mirror.
A body lunging,
head buried
in sea and sky

The wriggling prey
tight within mouth.

Trapped, engulfed – 
the shaking body now raised,
a sacrifice to love, heat,
the connection which binds
and never ends –
glistening under a hot sun,
beneath whorls of worlds,
and false suns.

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