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First He Came for Everything (with abject apologies to that better Martin: Martin Niemöller)

First he came for the Mexicans, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Mexican

Then he came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Muslim Continue reading

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I know we’ll meet again some sunny day (or so they say, these times, being what they are) and there’s this… apprehension this tension… and what if we do on that sunny sunny day what do we do (“what will … Continue reading

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Intelligentsia S&M

“It makes my panties wet, When you get literary like that” So I locked eyes with her,  And slowly mispronounced… “Proust”

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Time Does Not Erase

Time does not erase, it etches deeper water, wind, ripping stone, sculptor forming this face, this voice, torn away by a reaper. Dreams of when I lay down with you, father, sleeper, found your body curled, yellowed and deforming. Time … Continue reading

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President Clinton has appointed her daughter Chelsea, to an unnamed role, but with security clearance and an office in the White House. Chelsea will be joining her husband there, who is one of Clinton’s top advisors. Earlier in the year, … Continue reading

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The Gull

It rises above the dunes shadow, gull rising, October sun, the early fading. Rhythmic bleating, endless and ungrowing, oblivious to  pendantic dancing, word to word, glance to glance, measured conversations. This middle movement, these greying eyes, faded glances, the fading … Continue reading

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Quick Sand

Wallace Stevens quickened at 46. I may yet make order on some beach or another.

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