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The Answer

There was a wind winding down from star to sea, whipping along eastern ranges, whispering strange words in accented syllables, a Romanian Shakespearean rag, sometimes humming something from The Weekend. Sometimes a muse must be answered. There were scrubs worn … Continue reading

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Stars | Dust | Breath

I was kissing you with my mind before my body – only body – quickened in motion, in fluid, in heat some juice squeezed                              from my … Continue reading

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Wrapping Backwards

Something about losing small pieces – an errant tooth, the color in my hair, the smell of autumn as father held my hand, fading vision / a kidney butchered under failing hands, and time a butterfly flapping backward through time, … Continue reading

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Burning Autumn

In the autumn, with leaves burning, safety as children running embers floating in the air. And I am burning leaves again. The tulips i pulled from your garden how you say me hiding, behind our pine. Eyes wide. Knowing that … Continue reading

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When We are brave

When we are brave enough we are not present we are simply in a wrong moment Between key strokes and dramatic elipsing lays our raging moments, against the dying of the light And we feed our platform as it feeds … Continue reading

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Heisenberg’s Waiting Room

There are moments when you are alone in a place of human geography peopled with many strangers, and every one of them – looking at you in side glances – knows you and your heart And there is no water, … Continue reading

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I held your hand as you sighed, chest heaving caving and rising, that old cadence, that old chestnut rag. “God is a bastard, a true SOB,” I told you, patting at the sweat breaking beads on your brow. “Your mother won’t … Continue reading

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