I held your hand as you sighed, chest heaving caving and rising, that old cadence, that old chestnut rag. "God is a bastard, a true SOB," I told you, patting at the sweat breaking beads on your brow. "Your mother won't tell me about it, because vows and such." But I can see it, in the … Continue reading Dominion


That Hamster in the Evening

But then....Yeah.How did she - with a balloon??No. Well, yes. Like that. Only biggerFuck. The dog, too?Yeah. Him too. Hell, from what I hear, he was the instigator.That fucker.Nah. Bad upbringing. Blame the great-grandparents neighbor for this one.I don't...You don't have to. The rest of us, we'll do it.Whatever. Bring a spade.Already in my back … Continue reading That Hamster in the Evening