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Time Does Not Erase

Time does not erase, it etches deeper water, wind, ripping stone, sculptor forming this face, this voice, torn away by a reaper. Dreams of when I lay down with you, father, sleeper, found your body curled, yellowed and deforming. Time … Continue reading

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A Rapture

like a cat… lithe limbed, long torsoed, strutting across my path, that glance… and I am caught up in your scent, musk, your nails like claws now digging into skin, bloody gashes along my back… fierce bites – half-moons rising … Continue reading

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A Machine, For Time

Ronald Mallett I know you as I know¬†James Tate. And now, people known to me… Jess, Kevin, whipped through this same centrifuge. We are on the edge of forever. Know that we are running like gerbils, in this same recursive … Continue reading

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