Shadow Box

The boxer glistens, kidney punching, on the screen, shadow boxing, kissing, tasting life. I'm on the couch, tied to the couch, watching marionettes passing along the screen, as I sip beer, chew peanuts, stroke the back of an imaginary dog. If you'd been an angel, you'd have sung to me, forbidden songs, in forbidden tongues, … Continue reading Shadow Box


Subjective Grey Matter

Bartholemew expected better - he told K so, in uncertain terms (the voice wavered, of course, doing the immaterial boogaloo). K had taken the wheel, was drifting around the road, crossing lanes with abandon "There's nobody on the road!" gleeful shouting, wide eyed, hair twisting like opposed electrons, wandering along opposite turns - "Look, Locke - … Continue reading Subjective Grey Matter