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Quick Sand

Wallace Stevens quickened at 46. I may yet make order on some beach or another.

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spring flingin’

This is just to say that I am in the back yard there’s a red breasted robin feeding 5 feet away, a woodpecker upside down at the same feeder and a burning red cardinal sitting not far above. Their songs … Continue reading

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(sin voz)

Esta no es mi nativa ni incluso adquirida, sin embargo, la herramienta que me está engañando en éxtasis y verborrea pero mi cara no se traduce, más como el famoso salamandra de Paz quemaduras y vueltas y emerge cicatrizado cada … Continue reading

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(zero attribute)

i keep thinking that there’s this room i’m supposed to be in and it’s all white and glowing a little, and my gown is matching and my knees are up to my chest my head is shaven and my feet … Continue reading

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a mind, bound

you did not kiss her when you touched her the last time, your entry lacked finesse – was more like your marriage, cold, hard, familiar inevitable, regrettable but… you held her, wrists above her head, hips cracking manic hard bound … Continue reading

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Eye Gaze Cannot Ignore (Arrows)

hell beach i am going to I am going beach to (you without)gathering seashells ‘n (wind sea chuckles) >>>this is where you are looking, not right, up to where i found the right spot for your eyeballs [icon insert here(?) … Continue reading

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Some Worship

Cheers to our lost fathers… Continue reading

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