Burning Autumn

In the autumn, with leaves burning, safety as children running embers floating in the air. And I am burning leaves again. The tulips i pulled from your garden how you say me hiding, behind our pine. Eyes wide. Knowing that you were one person. And about to become another. How. You. Yelled. And how it … Continue reading Burning Autumn

Heisenberg’s Waiting Room

There are moments when you are alone in a place of human geography peopled with many strangers, and every one of them - looking at you in side glances - knows you and your heart And there is no water, Just this folding weight that crushes you into a small point. And this universe spinning … Continue reading Heisenberg’s Waiting Room


your breath with mine your fingers in mine tremble the illicit heat the catching passion this public space this intimate touch tremble your back arching under my palm that presses, pushes guides and holds you neck straining under my mouth, aching your motions, your cries tremble the flushing skin, the nails in skin. release tremble