Travel Villanelle

Airplane, airplane, where are you taking me, Strange beddings, another home I do not know... This dying man, this skeleton, aching to be free? A shadow slipping along a moon lit Baltic sea, Fevered mind and aching back, towards some lost hope I go... Airplane, airplane, where are you taking me? What would you have of … Continue reading Travel Villanelle

Equitare Viae Liberum

You are my road. Drawing me away from duty, from purpose, urging me with signs, both clever and obtuse, to roll onto you, take your endless paths and ways, these promises of salvation, change, of adventure without compromise, nor guilt. Begging me to ride you, to be consumed by you. How you rise and fall … Continue reading Equitare Viae Liberum


Scudding in metal tubes, breathing in recycled breaths. Spinning turnstiles, merry go rounds, bladed pinwheels. My hands cut open by edged receipts, boarding passes, desperate sketches from forlorn children... missed baseball games, concerts, birthdays and... that soup of missed connections, strange coin, the stares of strangers. Uncomfortable fat neighbor spilling over armrest, we're moaning as … Continue reading Air