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Contagium… eyes across my skin, Contagio risus Your lips… cover miles Infect and beguile, dizzy and whoa, the trip and the fall, into you… this fever Contagio this touch Advertisements

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That Dominion

When I used to love the rain, I found work as an umbrella salesman When I loved the sun, shade became my shelter The wind caressed me, so I locked my windows and sealed my drafts I would become numb … Continue reading

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White Heron

Sinuous, curving neck, full breast, long legs that reach into the harbor’s edge Obsidian eyes bottomless, a tunnel without end seeking Along a rocky shore, the slow filling harbor a mirror capturing grace, clouds doubled, scudding across a fecund sea … Continue reading

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Fall Into

A path with people passing just there, but I cannot hear, I can only fall into us And your eyes are lanterns, guiding me, beckoning, and I follow, fall into us Your kisses are water moving down my heated skin, … Continue reading

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The First

The first kiss, and you as a conductor, your fingers pulling at mine, onto the train and into the night, curving over mountains, through tunnels Steam turning electric, currents passing through me, burning and blinding your fingers curled in mine, … Continue reading

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On Ragged Mountain

There’s a luxury – a pleasure really, it’s that more not like the joy of an avocado (not to dismiss that joy, sliding along the skin, opening the ripe fruit to eager hands, fingers sliding into flesh to scoop and … Continue reading

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How I Read

When I was a reader, spine balanced under palm, fingers trailing along pages. words that almost moaned and whispered aloud. Eyes greedy, seeking understanding to know the body – the work at hand, moving from page to page, syllable to … Continue reading

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