An Egyptian Fall

Three squirrel call my yard home, I name them Taw, Khon, At - They require little tact, just seed and corn, and to be left alone. They tend to acorns, nuts, seem to have time enough to pause, read the sky, watch clouds scudding by. I watch them from window, doors. Just as minnows score … Continue reading An Egyptian Fall

Nimrod’s Lips

Broken. All my words broken. Asunder and cracking. A slinger hurling stone against my forehead, Breaking me. I had one language; and this I began to do: Nothing was restrained from me, which I had imagined to do. Now, my thoughts, like a people speaking the same language, scattered. You came down. Confounded my language. … Continue reading Nimrod’s Lips

Some Growth

Midnight. The minute hand clicks to the right, underscores the hour. Outside second story tenement, a car passes through puddles, beams of light passing over bedroom walls, ceiling. The tick tock of the clock. The scratching of the mice. 3 am. Guns snap in the alley, there are moans. Quietly close, and lock the window. Grip … Continue reading Some Growth