Plato’s Plate Glass

I am sitting by a wall of glass, harbor outside, wind, lightning and thunder and rain and in each flash I see you next to me, that it's just a camera flash moment, sudden capture, still.... you are next to me. You're not tying one on with Tisiphone tonight, no... you're here. I'm there. We … Continue reading Plato’s Plate Glass


When you painted me eggs for breakfast, the little cute ones - smiley faces, mustached, some crowned some done up on little crucifixes made of bone, sinew, spit and tears, my first reaction was one of hollow, righteous indignation, rage. I wanted to hurl them at the sky, smash passing birds, distract airplanes and bring … Continue reading Iconic

We Are in Manic House, Operational and Compromised

Boom, then sounds like shattering glass, fragments of glass, plinking sounds carried on the wind. Boom. Agitated,  the city, men with guns rummaging around yards, snipers on rooftop, jumbles of green, black, blue. Shooting. Shooting past walls, reason resistance. Men are hunters, men are chaos shooting. Bombing. Shattering glass. Helicopters split the air, float and … Continue reading We Are in Manic House, Operational and Compromised

A Muddy of Colors

There is a dissipating storm slipping over the tips of the Alps. A broken man begging coins in Houston. A potter with shaking fingers, no longer mending in Calcutta. My shadow eluding me in dark Boston alleyways. Your eyes are headlamps, mirrored windows, light flashes behind my eyelids. There is a snake, listless, long, and leering, at … Continue reading A Muddy of Colors