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Some Worship

Cheers to our lost fathers… Continue reading

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Just Some Time

Just some dumb counter encounter, me and my old doppelganger, dusty old man, wry eyed in the mirror, wishing the kale juice¬†was something higher test. Gotta flush those toxins, baby, gotta pretend the last decade didn’t happen. There’s that kid, … Continue reading

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Lost Maps

…as a child, the sun on my cheeks, warm grass under bare feet, running up green, undulating hills, rolling down their far sides. Our laughter. Blue sky, wheeling birds, puffs of clouds, cotton wisps, kite scudding below. Thinking “This. This, … Continue reading

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Russia Idyll

A Russian summer, nostalgic and dreamy, textured and spare, Bunin’s landscape and lovers under the sun, in sunflower fields, awaiting inevitable snow… awaiting, perhaps, the exile’s return from Paris, from Nobel, like Gorky, poor Gorky, the dead son, the shuttered … Continue reading

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These things I warrant, and see, these ghosts, aspirations and hopes these fading things. My eyes, in a cracked mirror. This ghost, clattering… I talk so fucking fast. A poet of listicles. Shallower than Plath. No clue where my inner … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s the weather, or the throbbing of the spine – of rupturing disks, with stairs to climb the stupid hobbling, bent and twisting… The mirror’s face, cracked and drying, grey… once bright blue eyes fading, a gunslinger’s fate. Maybe … Continue reading

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Travel Villanelle

Airplane, airplane, where are you taking me, Strange beddings, another home I do not know… This dying man, this skeleton, aching to be free? A shadow slipping along a moon lit¬†Baltic sea, Fevered mind and aching back, towards some lost … Continue reading

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