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A Rapture

like a cat… lithe limbed, long torsoed, strutting across my path, that glance… and I am caught up in your scent, musk, your nails like claws now digging into skin, bloody gashes along my back… fierce bites – half-moons rising … Continue reading

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Boy watching a bubble fall, rise, fall. Breathing with it, leaning into it. Lost in a fall, lost, then caught in a rise. Down, up Air out, air in. Breathe out, breathe in. Soap bubble, caught on breath, a life … Continue reading

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Etruscan Angst

So, I’ve discovered something interesting… One of my friends, who seems to like the blog, pointed something out to me after listening to my spoken word recording of “A Winged Dream”. Your poem sounded different, a different feel to the … Continue reading

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A Winged Dream

You were so much closer to me, then. Twenty-eight, still facing┬átime. I do not think I will see you again. The mission door, creaking, swinging wide, A handful of dirt, your gentle face dissolving under lime. You were so much … Continue reading

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