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I hid my lord’s story in the darkness of the earth siþþan geara iu – hrusan heolstre biwrah You said Where the horse gone? Where the rider? I hid my face, my lord long gone voyaging Where the giver of … Continue reading

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Safe as Houses

stood out, the thief in a mill, safer than mice in cheeses. if it please, then, he still didn’t find it, that needle the traveler was peddling, pulling him back outside, boredom a dangerous enemy now met in a narrow … Continue reading

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An Egyptian Fall

Three squirrel call my yard home, I name them Taw, Khon, At – They require little tact, just seed and corn, and to be left alone. They tend to acorns, nuts, seem to have time enough to pause, read the … Continue reading

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….I’m working on something a bit bigger lately. Which means I may not be posting here, or, the opposite. I have this tendency to wander into a million side-projects whenever I start something significant – I’d like to think it’s … Continue reading

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Nimrod’s Lips

Broken. All my words broken. Asunder and cracking. A slinger hurling stone against my forehead, Breaking me. I had one language; and this I began to do: Nothing was restrained from me, which I had imagined to do. Now, my … Continue reading

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The Master Stroke Against the Memoir

Who do I admire? Who inspires, teaches me – who blows my perceptions apart and offers  me new ones? Not confessional writers. I don’t find memoirs, or poetry that’s purely about the poet, all that interesting. A Winged Dream was … Continue reading

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So, Thanks, and All of That

Somebody said “liven that thing up”. I’m assuming they meant Writer Moe, and not my black suit & white button down ensemble. I think it’s classic. Adding in a flowery tie would, in my opinion, be a horror. So, on … Continue reading

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