things may seem a bit confusing…

I don’t always make myself clear.

That’s usually on purpose.

(This wasn’t even meant to start off like that. Ill-planned. Perhaps, with luck, less ill-arrived.)

To that end (ahem), reclaiming the tone: I’d like to do something Dr. Allen would be upset with me for. Not because I want to upset that dear, cursed yet defiant, man. Far from it. Still. I’m going to, at some level, explain my explanations.

I use some obscure phrasings, and such. From time to time. Here’s a very disorganized attempt at a base-level guide. Generally, if I’m using (stealing from) outside references, it’s because I think the tone and theme of that other work causes the theme I’m exploring to have a more complex resonance than if I simply went at it straight on.  All that said, I’m not going to go beyond the denotations of the references I’m making – I want to leave it up to my reader to explore those other sources, and then think about why I may have pushed them against my script, and let me know what it did for them.

I’ll add to it as I see fit. Which means this may become a weedy garden, fast.

First Impression Upon Encountering The Wanderer (circa 10th c.)

So. For that one, you need to check out The Wanderer, a mid-10th century poem about a hedge knight reflecting back on his life. All that he has lost, times he bent his ethics, lost his way, etc etc.

Safe as Houses

A series of slightly out of context, old-old-old school cliches, about safety, risk, danger, and hope.


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