A harbor, tide and fog – some
blue and yellow painted houses
obscured, fading, across the water.

A hammering
echoing, repeating
across the way.

Woman calling out
“are we going/
in the water?”

“Yeah, go in. I want…”

“You’ll hear me say ‘whew!'”

“I don’t mind….
I heard she said:
‘fuck you’,
then she jumped in…
eyes open…”

There’s a foghorn. Atmosphere.

…”…she was naked… I heard it…
I liked it”

A pontoon boat emerging,
dog at the bow.

The women are silent.

Bare wood along the dock,
a splinter sliding into bare flesh.

Legs over the side,
wet, salty harbor nursing
a puncture.

The voices in the fog.

A heron striking water.

Gobbling willing flesh.


6 thoughts on “intermittent

      1. I’m happy to serve as guide. Just understand: I tend to get lost, and I drink at times.
        Habere curam, amans, and all of that…

  1. You paint such a conceivable image, I can see it in my mind’s eye. And it reads like memory. I feel you reaching for detail and pushing it forward…drawing it in.
    It’s sort of quietly beautiful. Until the last line cuts to reality.

    Loved it.

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